Friday, April 3, 2009

Fazooli's Italian Grill/ Lounge

We went here for an early bite and cocktail last Friday night.

We got some appetizers and drinks and I have to say the appetizers were ok, not the best I have ever had but no where near the worst. The drinks however were yummy!!!!! I had the Dolce Dive which was like a dessert in a glass...the big difference though, not a heavy dessert drink, very light and very sweet. I am not usually such a fan of these types of drinks but this one was extremely yummy. For my second drink, I had their Mojito, it was crisp and refreshing. Their added twist was adding some fresh fruit to the classic summer was very great. I would head back there any time to have one of those...and on our way out they gave us a $10 off coupon, which is more then enough reason to head back.

I give the drinks a yum yum yum! I give the food a yum!