Thursday, June 18, 2009

Great food blogs

There are some great food blogs on the web and some really bad ones.....I have an all time favorite cooking blog. The recipes are great the site is really nicely laid out and the photography of the food is STUNNING. It is a great go to site for when you are feeling like being creative and staying in! The site is call Smitten Kitchen This has to be the best I have come across.

The Culinary Chase is another great site. It is not updated as much but it has some nice recipes that are usually quite tasty

Make Life Delicious is a girly girl cooking site. But it really is full of little gems.

I think a cooking site should look clean and fresh. I mean one of the main parts of eating in presentation right? If it looks gross you are not going to enjoy eating it even if it is absolutely delish, or at least you won't enjoy it as much as if it looked beautiful. I think the same principal applies to food blogging...I don't think this applies to restaurants though...or at least not necessarily, who doesn't love to find a hole in the wall that makes the best food :-)

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  1. Smitten Kitchen is a beautiful blog! I like The Culinary Chase too!
    I agree, the food has to be nicely presented and more importantly, it should look appetizing!

    Thanks for sharing! :)